Dec. 9th, 2009

Elijah just wouldn't sleep last night. He kept acting like he wanted to and then only crawling, crawling, crawling. He went for a swin in the dog water dish and then poured the water for my plants all over the floor (and subsequently himself). I've never had to change his pajamas twice in one night BEFORE he managed to make it to sleep.

It's a blizzard outside, though not as bad as the one in WI/IL.

Tyler came out of the closet to my parents last night about him and Cindy. Briefly, and in an email. Being that they're poly I don't think that they care, but I'm sure they'll use it as an excuse to tease him. My family is predictable.

I have a 20 page paper due tomorrow. I'm on page 7. I've got two outlines and a handful of critiques from classmates, so this really shouldn't be too bad, as long as Elijah lets me. That part is not sure, though.

I really want to be writing right now. Oh well.



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